Read with your children

'Just a few more pages' -  I would say.

'The words are difficult' - he would say.

'See! The same book which you said being difficult is now so easy to read in just a few minutes' - I would say.

Some random conversations which have happened with me and my son when we started to read initially. Reading with him, made me a reader again.

I am a reader. Reading has always transported me into a world of its own. I have tried to bring a face to the characters in the books. I still remember the time when I was awake till 4am in the morning to complete a novel; to know what to going to happen and how the character is shaping up.

Reading is an important habit to nurture; from childhood. I have always had the opportunity to read a lot of magazines and books as a child. Thanks to my parents; they used to buy the monthly children magazines. I loved the stories and used to read it first when I get the book.  I can now understand how much it has improved me in terms of my vocabulary, knowing information, learning different perspectives, etc. That, in turn, made me love to write. I feel they are mutual. You need to be good reader in order to be a writer.

Reading is definitely a must-do thing with our kids. We must encourage them to read more and more books. We must pave the path for them to make them understand how much value reading can bring in to one's world. 

Here are some of the tips and tricks which I have used myself and which seemed to help my little one to read better when he was an early reader. If you find your child is an early reader, try some of the tips here.

1. Reading age appropriate books

This was something I learnt over the days. I started off with some books which were a level higher than his current wavelength. Then, when we read over a week, I realised that simple phonetic books and rhyming words books were much more easier for him than the story books. My initial books for him were Usborne Phonics readers and Dr.Seuss Beginner books. I also took him to a library and found lots of simple phonics and rhyming books and let him read them.

2. Companion reading

Children like doing things together with their friends. I believe it is a healthy competition of sorts. So, when my little one's friend came over for play, we read a book together. That's when it showed that children like the idea of reading together with a companion or friend.

3. Encouragement and Appreciation

This goes without saying. Positive words make a bigger impact than the not-so-good ones. Let them know that you appreciate their try and glad that they are making a move to read. If they attempt it good, give a thumbs up. Let them know they improved.

4. Bringing to Libraries

I personally love libraries. I started bringing him out to libraries and although it used to be me reading most of the time, he still liked being there. Also, when allowing to choose their own book, it would let them understand the freedom of choosing a book and also reading out the title to know what the book is about.

5. Read out to them

Read out to them and let them listen to the stories to realise how delightful reading can be. It also makes them follow the line when we read - they will try to see the word and map it with what we say. The more the number of times they listen, they learn better.

6. Be a regular reader

Try to be a regular reader. Sit with them and fix a timing everyday so they know it is reading time. The more they read, they more they get better at it. The same words which seemed difficult becomes easy to read.

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Read with your children!
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