Parenting in Tough situations

We all would have faced difficult emotional times. Sometimes, would have thought of using a time machine to fast forward and come out of the tough situation.

Tough times or situations are rather a more generic term. A tough situation for one parent need not be the same for another parent. What might seem like a normal crying of a child can be taken with so much anxiety and stress when the same cry happens during a flight. Whatever the situation may be and if you are with children, take a seat back and think.

At times, we have our children, who as well, get entangled in those tough times and we as parents need to guide them and help them follow towards the end. But, how do we keep the journey happy or even get going? Sometimes, it is easy to break down and say 'let's stop here and I don't want to go further'. It might be very difficult for the children to understand the whole situation and to keep going.

I was stuck with my children in a long queue during my recent visit to a temple. It happened to be that I was with people who can help; but then, we were so long waiting and it was crowded that even seeking help was difficult. We all were getting tired. Drained. Restless. Impatient. And those things which I did and thought during the journey made me write this piece.

But life is not like a recorded movie where you pause or fast forward when you don't like a scene. It gives you some tough times so we can see through what we are capable of, to learn new lessons.

Does it seem as easy as it is?

How do we deal with children when we are in a situation where we are running out of energy or when the stress levels are rising?

How do we positively motivate the children to help them turn their energy into positive emotions?

Make the journey fun in their own way:

As a parent, we have to know if it can be tiring for the young minds and make it playful for them. A little cheer and play can make them feel untroubled for sometime.

You can play games like:
- Let them count the number of bars when waiting in the line.
- Keep an item inside your palm, juggle and close it facing down. Then let them find in which hand is the item.
- Ask them to count till 100 and repeat it.
- Play 'find the thing' by posing some questions and letting them find the answer.
- Let them find names around the place if they can read words. (example: Ask them where is the word - 'shop' or 'lot' or 'toy' in a mall)

Motivation and Positive words along the journey:

Who doesn't like motivation and positive words?

Along the journey, motivate them by reminding them of their constant help throughout the journey. Encourage them by saying they are doing it so well. With children, this energy builds up so fast and they give back so much of positive energy which is enough to boost you also.

Understand and acknowledge their emotions:

I always believe that emotions are very powerful and strong. It is very important to understand and acknowledge their emotions and to know how you will be able to help them. You, as a parent are the best person to know your child, what they feel and how they will be able to cope with that. It can be as simple as saying, 'I understand you are feeling tired but we are going to get through this soon. I know it is making you feel drained; but look through the positive side. We are learning something new'.

May the parenting force be with you always! 


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