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What we did this holidays | Holiday activity ideas for school children

100th post is making its run in to the blog!  On a quick note,  this marks my hundredth post in the blog. I am feeling delighted to see how far this blog has come and writing 100 posts truly feels like a big feat! Thank you readers! School holidays are fun! For the children! What is it for the parents?  For the adults, it is also fun (no more lunch preparations early in the morning or making sure they have done their home works) but it is also a little (Ya, little) work if you have to manage them alone all day. If you have a lending hand, by all means, get them to their grand parents house or your siblings house. If not, plan your school holidays and it will get fun for both of you. It is rewarding to know what your child likes and what you can do to engage them even during the holiday season. If you are a working mother who would not be able to take off to take them out, that's alright - reserve that for the weekends. Without further thought, lets dive into t

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