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Cooking amidst the jungle - Mixed Vegetable Curry

In this busy running world and lives of us, we always need to be reminded to spend some time with the nature. Throwing away our mobiles and tablets and what not, we are finding ways to integrate with where we have come from. When I was given an opportunity to spend some time amidst the jungle just relaxing, cooking your own food from scratch, soaking yourself in the waterfall - I din't think twice! It had to be done. It was a rocky journey to the actual place and I loved every bit of it. Jumping out from the cushion car seat to the backside of the off road vehicle, we soaked in the natural entity of the whole place! There were fruit trees and hanging fruits everywhere you could see. This durian was enjoying its morning sun! The stream was cold and our legs were happy to get soaked. Any one who would have visited this place will definitely forget their electronics and just soak themselves in the surrounding. And there is more to come. A jungly ride.. a stream flo

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