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How was August?

August was a breezy month. It felt like a rejuvenation to be back to my nest and with the school holidays, it just meant I don't have to stress about the daily school stuff and school lunch. Ever so grateful to be able to spend some time for myself; catching up on some videos and staying up a little late if I want to, without having the guilt of losing some sleep. 

Thank you for the school holidays, August! I'm missing you already. :)

Things I am grateful about in August:

  • Yoga - August helped me to get back to my Yoga lessons and it felt good to be able to take care of myself and understand it.
  • Reading - I started to read another book full-fledged. I'm excitedly hooked on to read the book because for the past few months, I have not really read much and let alone finish the book. But I hope I will have a point to say that I finished this book by September.
  • Travel - We had a travel visit to Penang island in Malaysia. I was able to finally visit this place after being in Malaysia for so long! Well, the visit had a mixture of travel, sight seeing, watching cricket matches (that's why we went!) and of course, relaxing during the holidays. We had fun and lots of photographs taken. :)
  • Photos and more photos - I got to take my camera out again. I was back in action. Some pictures are below the post. 
  • School Holidays - I'm grateful that I didn't have to pack the lunch boxes for the kids getting up so early. I could relax a bit with the preparation. Thank you for the extra sleeping time! :)
  • Spending time with my little one - I got some quality time with my second one and it was an experience in itself to be with him and doing things. It felt like those days when the elder one used to be when he was 2.5 years old. Some random giggle, random rhymes, random books and videos. This phase - it has to be spent well!
  • Back to my base - As much as I have enjoyed travelling to India; I have started enjoying being back to my base. The home feeling cannot be explained. Grateful indeed for having my little cozy home.

This post is for the August 2018 Gratitude Circle Blog hop hosted by Vidya Sury.


  1. Lovely pics!! Looks like your August was relaxing and fun!

    1. Absolutely Shilpa! Loved the relaxing time. Thanks for the kind appreciation.


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