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How was September?

October is about to begin and time to say bye-bye to September. It seems to have been a slow moving month for me somehow. I am happy I feel so! Sometimes, days go past so fast that we don't remember what we did! We need that slow down occasionally.

What I am grateful about in September?

1. New plants in my balcony: My edible plants were very much gone since my last visit to India. I had to revive my plants in August and again started planting new mint and sweet basil stems for growing again. Out of the 7 or 8 I plant, one grew. My sole survivors!

I'm so happy to see them everyday. I am having my usual pests getting them everyday, but mama is here to take care of my babies.

2. Books and Reading: I'm still reading a book this month, continued from last month. Slow and steady; but definitely reading.

3. Support and People around me: This month saw some bad fever and flu - the children got sick and me too. But, it also made me realise and appreciate the wonderful people around me. I got some great supportive people who were able to help me even in the night. My heartfelt thanks to all of them and I truly truly realise their value. Extremely thankful to my partner who understood my difficulties and made some changes in his work life.

It is usually in the low tides when you understand their importance and value their help. Even a few words of health enquiry makes a huge difference.

4. 100 day Photography project: I wanted to bring out my camera and take more pictures. I have not been regularly taking photos which I love to do. So, one day, in September, while having a casual talk about the remaining days to go for Diwali, I started counting how many more days we have for year 2018. That's how the 100 day photography project began for 2018. I am going to do a photo for the rest of the days in 2018, each day and blog about it. It started from September 23, 2018.

I'm keeping my table messy because my camera is always out and I'm regularly charging my batteries. But I'm grateful that I'm trying out new things and learning it out.

If you are interested, you can have a look at it in my photography blog here: days of photos

5. Wonderful long weekends: We got 2 long weekends in September. The children had a good time at home, relaxing and enjoying some home made hot food for lunch.

Thank you September.
How was your September? 

This post is for the September 2018 Gratitude Circle Blog hop hosted by Vidya Sury.


  1. Sounds like a good month even though the dreaded flu made a visit. It's nice you have people you can rely on. Oh and plants are so hard to keep alive! I hear you about only one or two surviving! Hope October is a good month for you

    1. Absolutely! Plants are hard to keep alive but its a hobby which yields so much of happiness by looking at those beautiful flowers which bloom or seeing the first leaf of your mint/basil/curry leaves.
      Thank you for October and hoping the same for you!

  2. Glad to know that you had a good september. wish you a fabulous October.

    1. Thanks Balaka! You too have a great October.

  3. Plants and always work involved to keep them alive. Sorry to hear that heath at your end wasn't great but hey, we are in October and winds will change :)
    I am going to check out your 100 days of Photography project. Sounds great! Have a good new month ahead!

    1. Hi Parul! Definitely, hoping more for October. The month of festivals. :)
      I love the hardworking with plants. The sweat we get when gardening is so much worth it.
      Thanks for checking out my photography project. If you have any ideas or inputs, you're always welcome to share!

  4. Its very sad when the plants die out while one is out on a vacay; so happy to see you got survivors. I am sure they will all grow up in no time and you will soon have your green space back.

    the 100 days photography pact sounds just awesome; anything to motivate one out of a slow space. All the best with this. I am on a 100 Happy days project too where I am focusing in making each day count with health, fitness and happiness!

    Wish you an awesome October!!

    1. Hello! I do make sure to water them or try providing some water source just before I leave but the sun might just be too much for them if it is a long holiday. I know the feeling. But, yes, the survivors are my babies now. Waiting for my green corner to be up in full swing.
      All the best with you too for the 100 day happiness project. That's such a positive thing to do for the rest of the year.

  5. 100 days photography sounds good. I will definitely check out. Wish you healthy and happy days ahead.


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