Visit to the KL Bird Park | Kuala lumpur Bird Park

World's largest free flight Aviary! It indeed lives up to the name when the peacocks and the storks walk side by side with you. They are not in a hurry as they relax in their home; neither are they confused with the arrival of the guests. The huge park gives the feels of moving along the woods with a natural aura.

We bought the tickets to the KL Bird Park for the second time around during the MATTA fair which happened in September'18. You can find various information like fees, map, feeding schedules, etc about the KL Bird Park in their official website.

The KL Bird Park is located in the centre of Kuala Lumpur and is accessible via the hop on hop off bus service and also through the taxis if you do not drive around. A perfect combination of these - free walking birds, family time, nature walks - this is one of the places in KL where you can walk along nature and birds. If you are a photographer, then this is paradise. There are beautiful places inside the park which can provide a wonderful place to capture the natural scenery. You have dancing  peacocks, flying storks, beautiful macaws, waterfalls, bridges and what not - you can take as many pictures as you want. 

We spent around 4+ hours in the bird park but you can always stay longer if you would like it. There are a few shops inside if you would like to buy some refreshments. The Bird Park also has an amphitheater which has shows at 3.30pm and 12.30 pm. There is also a small playground for the children to play right opposite to the amphitheater. Do not miss the shows if you are around during that time. The park also encompasses a Bird Gallery and an education station which provides good information to the visitors. 

We started after our brunch and headed towards the Bird Park. After getting our passes, we went in to be greeted by the Love Aviary. 

One word: Beautiful love birds. 

After watching the love birds, we moved on to Zone 1 and 2 which are free flight zones and you can find a variety of birds from storks, pelicans, egrets, peacocks, hens, peafowls, etc moving and flying around freely. Be careful and watch your step as the birds are walking around you.

We were also able to spot some owls. Look how many different varieties of owls!

Peacocks and peacocks and peacocks! My camera shutter didn't close whenever I spotted one. There was always something unique about each of these. 

I was also able to spot one Peacock which decided to open its feathers and have a quick dance for us. Mesmerising is the word. 

Don't forget to watch the eagles in the Brahminy land. 

Watch the storks take flight in this pond. 

You will spot a few bridges inside the park; perfect for a nice photo.

As you walk by, you will slowly go towards the Zone 3 which has the Hornbill Park. 

Moving on, in the Zone 4, you can find a waterfall Aviary, parrot aviary, flightless birds like Ostrich/cassowary in cages, Bird school, Bird nursery, amphitheater, etc.

The birds were roaming freely and seemed to be comfortable in their nest...
They were relaxing, eating, dancing, cooing, walking, flying - doing whatever they needed the best...
Peacocks were here and there...
It was just nature which I saw everywhere...
From pigeons to peacocks,
macaws to eagles,
owls to parrots,
hornbills to storks,
ostriches to hen
Many birds to watch with a beautiful sight...
In this aviary which is free-flight...
Go for a visit to the KL bird park if you would like to walk along with these birds and to know more information about them. This would be a wonderful place to visit if you are looking for a half day activity in Kuala Lumpur. 


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