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Welcome to my Blog - The Spicy Odyssey!

That is me, Lakshmi. 

I started my blogging journey in July 2013 in my old blog called 'Latchu's Corner'. One year later, I moved on to this space giving it a new name 'The Spicy Odyssey' and have been constantly writing here since then. It’s been 5 years into this blogging journey with 100 posts as of now.

I started writing this blog when I felt I needed to learn and do something new. Writing was new and it helped me to bring down my thoughts in paper (well, blog for then). This blog is my journey through life; as I experience it - it’s varied spices. 

Welcome to My Spicy Odyssey!

What do I blog about?

Recipes, Food, Travelling with kids, Parenting, Random Thoughts, a little Photography, even little Mehendi. As of Now! The list may grow as I learn new things every now and then.

Are you a parent?

Parenting is an ever learning journey. I am grateful for this learning as this is an experience in itself. I blog about what worked for us as a parent-child and how it can benefit others. 

What Recipes?

I am a vegetarian and my recipes in this blog are also all vegetarian. Most of my cooking in these few years have been based on tasting-visualising-smelling the food and adding ingredients to prepare the dishes. I try my best to provide the exact measurement in my cooking; but if you wish to add a bit more of that ingredient, you may by all means. My chilli powder may not have the have spice as yours, so try your hand in the experiments!

Why Photography?

Although the whole love of photographs was always there, the proactiveness to take creative photographs happened after I started to blog in. I needed beautiful pictures in my blog. 
But how does beautiful pictures come in? 

It comes though photography and learning how to make it happen! This has made me learn to use my DSLR and the techniques associated with it. I am a novice in Photography and there is still a long way to go! 

My Photography blog - Freezing My Moments

I have also set up a separate blog for my photography when I did a Project Week 52 - clicking one photograph every week throughout the year. Setting up a fresh blog for photography made me click exclusive photos and to try different modes/settings with my camera. You can check my work, Project Week 52 in this sister blog link: http://freezingmymoments.blogspot.com/

Gratitude Journal:

If you wish to read more about my Gratitude Journal, check it here.


  1. I love this blog of yours - one suggestion I’d like to make is to add a share button so that your posts can be shared on social media.

    1. Hey thanks! There is a small share button at the top with the 'SHARE' written on the left hand top of each post. That is how blogger has the share option. If you have any other suggestion on having the share option more visible, please let me know.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments. Glad to know you like it.


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