DIY: Earring holder with plastic milkcan

There is some extraordinary feeling with a DIY. I believe I got this gene from my father. Even a small thing which might be going to the trash bin can also be reused if we want to. The same thing happened with my milk can.

I am a hoarder of earrings. I love to wear them and I do have quite a lot since my childhood. I think it is just a pretty sight to accessorise your dress and choosing one among the many favourites. As always, it does get once in a while out-of-hand when you need to manage too many earrings. Some have hooks, some are studs, some rings, some what-not!

And then, I had to find a way to keep the hooks neat without tangles and the stones intact in them. How? That's when I got this idea. It is such an easy DIY and won't take you more than 10 minutes until you put all your earrings in the bottle.

Next Question: What all do you need?

A plastic milk can (if you use one), one screw driver to put holes, and lots of earrings (of course!)

How to do it? 

I think the picture explains in itself! No more words needed!

What next?

Ta-da! Just hang your earrings and enjoy the sight! 


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