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How was October?

When I started to write down for October, I felt like I didn't have much to write. But I realised that I have quite a bit to write when I started to notice the little moments which brought happiness to me through out October.

What am I grateful for in October?

100 days photo project: 
I'm still progressing in the project although I missed a few days. I compensated it with the pictures taken on some other days. I realised that whenever I'm going to see the pictures again, I would remember the place and the memory associated with it. Like, spotting a snail and taking a picture of it, with my little one looking at it amused. These memories are going to stay.
If you are interested, you can have a look at it in my photography blog here for the 100 days photo project.

Visiting the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park: And this happened in October. At this age, the children are very much interested to go and visit the animals/plants/birds/butterflies. When we got it at a discount, we went and bought the tickets. Thankful that I just had to pay 50% of the price for these tickets. The weather was nice, the children were their best on that day, it only rained at the end of our visit, the peacocks were dancing - which just implies that it was a wonderful visit. If you would like to see the peacocks or the birds of the park, do check it out in this post.

Plants in my balcony garden: The mint and the sweet basil are growing so good! The baby spider plant was moved to a small pot and she is now growing some deep roots. Soon, she will have a new house. My simple Indian Borage was moved to a wider big pot and she is so pleased with her new house. What a happiness! So grateful to able to grow some fresh herbs in the balcony, at the comfort of your house and use them to your cooking when needed.

Navarathri 2018: I got to visit the local temples in Kuala Lumpur to see how they celebrate Navarathri here. During the visit on 9th day - Saraswathi Pooja, the children were also given a book. I felt very positive then and we were also treated to a good food that day in the temple. It was an impromptu visit and happened to be a memorable and grateful moment.

New recipes in the kitchen: Yes, new recipes are happening in the kitchen and this time it was the Kadhi Pakora from the punjabi cuisine. Although I do make yogurt based curries, those are South Indian based with coconut. When I saw the shared picture of the Punjabi Kadhi, it was so (sooooo) tempting! I started googling for it and found the basic recipe. We all loved the recipe so much that I had made it around 3 times in October itself. Extremely grateful that we are able to find information so easily that we can find anything in minutes.

Blogging Front: In the blog side, it has again been a fantastic month, thanks to my sleep! I did rob some minutes of sleep every now and then - but it does not happen often. Only when the interest overpowers your sleep, you want to sit and finish that post. I'm grateful that I was able to write 75% of the posts in the blog for October out of the number of posts I had scheduled before.

Some simple moments I'm grateful for:
- Children's little gestures of love: A simple love you or a cute hand wave before dropping them off to the daycare or during bedtime.
- Having some very understanding people around has always been a blessing. Grateful to have that blessing every now and then when possible.
- Sitting and reciting my slokas whenever I get time. They are extremely therapeutic for me.
- Learning a few slokas and it's a pleasure in listening or singing along with them. It makes the moment much more better when you understand the meaning and recite it.

November is happening and Deepavali just got over.
Wishing you all a marvellous November.
Until next time......

This post is for the October 2018 Gratitude Circle Blog hop hosted by Vidya Sury.


  1. It is indeed gratifying to note that you have achieved most of your objectives. What you are doing is really creditable with your little ones as well ! Glad your Diwali was happy and cheerful. I loved your photo of the snail.


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