Being a parent

Parenting is a learning experience. Definitely for me!

We learn from our kids and they learn their life lessons. Parenting is not a one day journey but a life long experience for both the parent and the child. What might work for me, might not work for you. But, if you can find a different perspective for the same issue, you can work towards it. This is my parenting journal - where I pen down my experiences, what worked for me and what I learn from my kids, how I can find a perspective out of even small things in our daily life - like children playing outside!

As I go through this Odyssey with my 2 kids, I have tried to pen a few words which I can relate to parenting my kids. Check out the following links.


Activities with Children:

Finger Print activity
Spell it Right - Spelling reading/writing games and ideas
Holiday play ideas

Being a parent:


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