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Photography has become my hobby in the recent months and I am trying to explore about this art as much as possible. Being a photographer needs lots of creativity, opening your minds to a much different perspective, learning new things, having patience to shoot the objects and much more.

Being a Photograph-loving-person who I am, this needed a lot of dedication. Since I was only doing some food photography in my blog, I have decided to do the A-Z photography project which will be focusing on anything I find relevant to the letters in the alphabet. 

Embark on my photography journey and provide your valuable comments. Any feedback is much appreciated!

Blossoms in Monsoon!

Photography Project A-Z - A few samples of the the alphabet challenge is below:

When I was tempted to start a new project for this upcoming year 2015 in photography, I embarked on the journey of Project Week 52. Project Week 52 is a year long project for each week in which you photograph every week and post it. You can check the photos in my photography blog Freezing My Moments.

Currently, I'm doing a 100 days of Photos project where I am going to photograph everyday for the remaining 100 days of 2018. Check it out here - 100 days of Photos.


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