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Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

When was the last time you had the perfect combination of Spice, salt, sour and sweet taste? You will have one when you have a spoonful of this Thai Pineapple Fried rice! Everyone who had been  to Thailand would have definitely tried this Pine apple fried rice. It was in Thailand I first knew about this dish but never tried it there. However, the one I made is a vegetarian version so I would have skipped the fish sauce they use and instead used soya sauce. This may not be the most authentic version, but its just my version of doing this! 

I just loved the color in this dish and it was so vibrant. I have used vegetables like green peas and carrots which provides a nice taste and also compliment with the color. This time I used some fragrant rice which is so ideal with Thai cooking as I have always seen their rice is so fragrant. This was one of the easy dish to make once you are done with the initial cutting and preparing phase. 
Servings: 3 Time to make: 40 minutes Ingredients:  Pineapple …

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